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Introduction: You’re purchasing a DIY handheld kit designed for Samsung Galaxy S23 phones (SM-S911U). This kit transforms your phone into a dedicated gaming handheld, complete with buttons and joysticks, while keeping the phone intact within the aluminum shell provided. The buttons utilized are authentic OEM Nintendo and Sony PS Vita parts, including aluminum shoulder buttons. The gamepad connects to your phone via USB C, and the controller board of the gamepad also includes two external micro-SD card readers. Furthermore, pass-through charging is supported, and the wireless charging feature remains intact.


The S23 phone: What you will receive is solely the kit itself, without the inclusion of the phone. You will need to open the shell and insert the S23 phone into the kit on your own. No soldering is needed, but caution is advised to avoid damaging some of the ribbon cables.

Alternatively, we can help you sourcing the phone. The sourced phones will be photographed for your confirmation. Once confirmed by you, the phones will be rooted, installed in the kit, and then shipped to you.

Lead time: Once payment is made, we proceed to order the shell from the factory. The shell itself typically takes approximately two weeks to be completed. However, the overall lead time for the entire kit depends on your position in the queue and may extend to several months. The kits, comprising all boards and small components, are handcrafted and assembled by Pingzi. We aim to maintain transparency throughout the process.


Risks:  Prototypes have been created and thoroughly tested. There is no risk in manufacturing. Your biggest concern lies in Pingzi’s availability due to his day job, which may result in slower kit assembly than anticipated. However, rest assured that all orders will be completed steadily and reliably.


Payment and Shipping: The payment can be made on .


Customer Service, Replacement, Refunds: Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled due to the nature of the manufacturing process.

Rex & RetroCN does not offer customer service; however, we ensure that all kits are thoroughly tested before shipping. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues with the kit upon delivery, it is your responsibility to contact us within one week of receiving the package.

Shell Color

Blue, Gray

Shoulder Buttons Color

Black, Silver

Back Plate Color

Black, White

Front Buttons&Joystick Color

Black, White

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