Purchase for you service


Minimum price: $0.01

What is this:

  • You entrust me to help you buy a model from Chinese market.
  • The costs include: money for the sellers + Shipping fee + PayPal fee + my service fee (flexible, depends on models)

How does this work:

  1. Contact me via Discord and tell me which model do you want with your budget, where to ship and any other requirements.
  2. I will start looking for the model and contact sellers. In the end, I will find a best sellers.
  3. I will tell you the price, and you need to place an order here (fill the price we agreed).
  4. Once I received your payment, I will buy the model from the seller.
  5. Once I received the model, I will ship it to you.



  1. No return. No refund (only when I failed to find the model for you within 6 months). No after-sale service.
  2. Since I need to find the model and the best sellers for you, the shipping time is not guaranteed.
  3. If I failed to find the model for you, you can get refund.
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